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Rezoning application to MF-4 (multi family) submitted

zoning change notice signOn February 29, 2016 the Elysium Park rezoning to MF-4 CO was submitted. The link is below; consider bookmarking it. All future documents related to this case can be accessed through this web page.


City Zoning guide [lists and describes various categories including MF-4, the requirements and more] (PDF)

Overview of zoning application process and general timeline

The rezoning application provides a three week window for staff to review the request and make first comments to the applicant. The comments must be sent to the applicant no later than March 21st. Once all comments are resolved, the case will be scheduled for a public hearing at the Zoning & Platting Commission. The Commission will hear the case, conduct a public hearing and make a recommendation of approval or denial of the requested change. The Commission is only a recommending body, the ultimate decision will be made by City Council.

Following review by the Commission, a Public Hearing will be held at the City Council meeting, along with the first reading of the ordinance. If the ordinance passes on first reading, then it will return for second reading at a future meeting. Members of the public may speak at the Commission meeting and both Council meetings either in favor or opposition to the project.

Zoning applications require a simple majority vote of the City Council for approval (6 of 11 members). However, a 75% majority (9 of 11) is required for the following circumstances:

1. A negative recommendation from Zoning Commission
2. Protest from more than 20% of the land area within the notification zone.

Typically, the zoning change takes 60-90 days. Due to a significant caseload at the City, it may take longer.

The Association officers and others who are working on this are closely monitoring the progress and otherwise working on this case. Stay tuned, we still need signatures on the petition and will eventually need everyone to contact the City to express our opposition.

If you want to be involved more deeply in this opposition, email either northwoodpresident@gmail.com or northwoodna@gmail.com and include “get involved in apts opposition” in the subject line.