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Oak Creek apartments: updates & resources summary

This post is a quick reference to updates and links to information about the Elysium apartments project near the eastern end of Oak Creek, such as to documents on file with the City about the project,  the zoning process, water quality standards, the State agency involved with Housing Tax Credits and more. We will update it as we learn more.

Developer’s website for Elysium (and other projects)

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In December 2015 a representative of Pinnacle Housing, a company that builds apartments, including ones with reduced rents, contacted the Northwood Neighborhood Association officers to notify us of their plans to build apartments on the 7+ at 3300 Oak Creek Drive. This tract is located between MoPac Self Storage / the creek and the back yards of Pegasus homes. (map)

They are seeking Housing Tax Credits so they can offer reduced rents on a number of the units. All nearby neighborhoods oppose apartments at this location for many reasons including flooding, environmental, traffic and safety, which are explained in detail below the updates.

City records link and documents

Map of affordable housing units in Austin

Austin Affordable Housing Corporation –  Austin Housing Finance Corporation

To search for information on this or other developments, visit https://abc.austintexas.gov/web/permit/public-search-other?reset=true

City’s project page for Elysium (added 1/13/18)

City’s project search page – enter Elysium in the Project Name area half way down the page to find all Elysium projects (added 7/6/18)

Historical minutes of a 1979 City Council meeting with a requested zoning change for 3100 Oak Creek through 3616 Oak Creek (our case starts on page 14).

Elysium Grand Apartments information updates

Added January 25, 2019

This month developer began construction. As of this date, they have installed a chain link fence around the site with black fabric, and some gravel has been delivered to the site outside the fence.

Added 10/15/18

  • It appears that through a creative mechanism the FOR-PROFIT developer/ development may not have to pay property taxes.  (starts on page 31 of our handout to the City Council, which we also submitted to the TDHCA). 4% tax credits approved at Oct 11 2018 TDHCA board meeting video  (our portion starts at -about 5 min 15 sec into the video for Elysium application 18422’s noncompetitive 4% tax credits request.  A TDHCA staff member starts with the intro. All discussion until motion and vote goes until about 28 min 20 sec).  Several members of the apartments opposition work group did extensive (amazing) research to document our concerns; we submitted them to the TDHCA and they are on record. A neighbor’s email opposing the apartments starts on page 35; Northwood’s (extensive) packet begins on page 39. We show documentation for all of our statements, including ones which the developer disputed. Board Chair JB Goodwin, who is also a realtor and is familiar with this area, voted against the 4% but it still passed. The next step will be for the AHFC to approve the up to $13 million bond.
  • Sept 20 Austin Housing Finance Corporation Meeting:
    a hearing and public comments regarding the issuance of up to $13 million of multiple family housing revenue bonds to be issued to finance the development Elysium Grand apartments  video  and transcript (Elysium starts on page 2, 11:30).
    We explained our many concerns, including that the project was not suitable for the site due to geographic features that were not initially known (including at least one sinkhole, which had been confirmed by the Watershed Department) and then the developer spoke. Among other statements, she said “There are no sinkholes on the site. ”
    The City Council voted to approve the bonds; Mayor Adler also requested a copy of our speech. We provided it, with extensive documentation to him, the rest of the council members and also to the TDHCA before their Oct 11 meeting.

9/7/18 update

  • The 4% housing tax credit for Elysium Grand’s application 18422 was scheduled to be presented, discussed, and voted on during the TDHCA Board Meeting on Thursday, September 6, 2018. Without prior notice, that item was pulled/excluded from the agenda; but since it was posted on the agenda, a representative from our neighborhood area was able to speak in front of the Board and stated reasons why this site is unsuitable for the scale of the project proposed. Video of the meeting; neighborhood speaker begins at 5:20.
  • More information is available on the Noncompetitive 4% Housing Tax credits page; Elysium is 18422:
    bond application (lengthy PDF)
    environmental assessment (from Nov. 2017, 58 page PDF)
    market study
    site design feasibility report

5/26/18 update

Official notices regarding the project

City GIS viewer

There are many layers to review (added 4/9/16) – best viewed with Internet Explorer, http://www.austintexas.gov/GIS/DevelopmentWebMap/Viewer.aspx
(if that link doesn’t work, try the https version https://www.austintexas.gov/GIS/DevelopmentWebMap/Viewer.aspx
look at the various layers to see:

  • Review cases – zoning site plan cases and site plan review cases (current cases being reviewed; may not have needed a zoning change).
  • Building footprints
  • Current 100 year floodplain
  • Natural Features to see the Walnut Creek floodplain

Environmental concerns

Videos and photos illustrating drawbacks of site, flooding updates

City Watershed Protection and new development, drilling reports

TCEQ drilling reports – underground voids, caves, etc.

A number of these individual reports list “underground voids, caves, lost circulation”. Lost circulation means the underground stream goes… where?

Water quality / caves

Zoning & Development

City Ordinances

City Ordinances (complete list of municipal codes; choose from Codes or OrdBank links for specific manuals such as Drainage Criteria Manual, Environmental Criteria Manual, Traditional Neighborhood District Criteria Manual, Transportation Manual and more)

City Zoning & Development

Current tract zoning (2016)

Current zoning – what can be built? (PDF)

Traffic, Transportation, Mobility

City Council

Feb 2, 2017 Council hearing / results

Aug. 4 2016 Council hearing on postponement

Meeting schedule

Parking at City Hall

City Hall is located at 301 W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701 (map),  directly across from the S. 1st Street bridge. There is ample parking under the building, including for disabled visitors. The entrance is on Guadalupe St, which is one way south – turn north on Lavaca and turn left onto Second Street and again onto Guadalupe.

Important: Take your parking ticket with you to be validated (outside the Council room) otherwise you will have to pay.

Feb 24, 2016 presentation by developer to neighborhood

video of 2 hour meeting – presentation and discussion
Developer info sheet (PDF)Northwood info sheet (PDF)

Housing Tax Credits

Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs manages the Housing Tax Credits, (aka “affordable housing tax credits”). See the Information Updates section at the top for the latest updates on the housing tax credits request.

City Council Feb 11, 2016 Housing tax credit housing resolution – recording

This recording includes the statement of the resolution for the requested housing tax credits for this project, the Council’s discussion, presentations by both developer and neighborhood and the Council’s vote.
http://austintx.swagit.com/play/02112016-632  (we are item 5, part 1 and part 2).