Community Police Officer, crime reports, bike registration, Neighborhood watch

The Police Officer contact for our neighborhood is Officer Hank Moreno. For non-emergency questions contact him at 512 974-4764 or

To see recent crime reports, visit, Spotcrime (search or sign up for email notices) or KrimeLabb.

Register your bike with the Police department – if it’s stolen and recovered, that helps the police identify the owner and return the bike.

Neighborhood Watch  Program (PDF)

City information – search page

Looking for information on City services or documents? Start here:

Sidewalk projects (City)

Explore the interactive Upcoming Sidewalk Construction Map at Simply put in an address to see any sidewalk or curb ramp projects starting near you within the next 180 days. To learn more about sidewalks in Austin visit for program information, FAQs and a history of Austin’s sidewalks.

Austin Energy Outage map

District 7 resources

Constituent services website,

Swimming pool maintenance tips

from the City of Austin, Swimming Pool Maintenance Information Packet (PDF)

Balcones Park Pool schedule

Lost pet resources

If an animal is lost, call 3-1-1, check the Animal Center’s website at for a picture of the lost animal, check local listings sites, and place fliers in their neighborhood. Additional guidance can be found at More information can be found on the Center’s Facebook page at or by calling 311.

A site with good tips about finding missing pets is and especially the page

A stray pet found map shows all stray cats and dogs that are currently listed in AAC’s database for no longer than a week. Most will be located at AAC, but some will be held by citizens, which will be indicated on the “At AAC” column. AAC will post an image as soon as possible, which can be accessed by clicking the link in the “Image Link” column.

Austin building permits search

Search on this page for information for any development project in Austin

New to Austin?

If you are new to Austin – or not – and want to meet others through fun events, check out Austin Newcomers

Emergency / Safety sites

Reverse 911 /emergency notifications

Add your cell phone to a “reverse 911″  telephone method to notify members of the public of critical emergency information in situations where property or human life is in danger.
Sign up for this free service:

Flash flooding / closed low water crossings / Oak Creek Drive hydromet rain gauge amounts

See which low water crossings in Austin and surrounding communities are closed at Two thirds of flood related  deaths in Austin happen in vehicles that were swept away.

Receive alerts about rapidly rising creeks and potential flooding via text, email or phone at

Map of all Hydromet gauges– rainfall data and more from the gauge at at  Walnut Creek at Oak Creek Drive is available

Learn to identify severe weather

Learn to identify severe weather, including the of types clouds associated with lightening storms, tornadoes, hail and how to report sightings in this free online version of the annual Skywarn training.
Or download the Guide for National Weather Service Spotters in south central Texas (PDF).

Power Outages

Map of current power outages   – report an outage (web page)

Invasive Species, including Zebra Mussels (for boaters)

For photos and details about the dangers of the incredibly invasive zebra mussels – and how they can threaten boats, aquatic wildlife and even drinking water supplies – and how to report sightings, visit

Urban Wildfire Danger

Identify and reduce the threat of wildfires spreading to your home; how to prepare for a quick, emergency departure – the City’s wildfire action plan (PDFs) can be downloaded; also review the Community Wildfire Protection Plan Online Viewer to see the current level of relative wildfire risk.

call 311 to report (or use the Austin 311 mobile app):

Coyote sightings

Coyotes live near Northwood and hunt at night and early morning; if you have a small pet, try to either keep them inside or be with them outside at these times. If you see coyotes, call 311 and report the details. If the coyote is threatening, call 911. For details, see the Coyote article and the City’s coyote web page.

Oak Wilt

For details on Oak Wilt including how and when to prune, read this oak wilt article.

If you see someone pruning and not painting the wounds, either talk to them if you feel comfortable doing so or contact the City Arborist via their email page or call them at 512.974.1876. If you cannot reach them, call 311. If you contact the Arborist, have the address with the tree(s) in question available, along with any other relevant details – is the pruner the resident or a contractor? If a contractor, what company (look for a company truck)?


Austin Independent School District home page

Find a school by grade then address

Northwood AISD schools

Anderson High School
Murchison Middle School
Summitt Elementary School

Community / Government

Constituent services website,

Austin District 7 – citizen-provided information about candidates, issues, events and more
District 7 map / boundaries

North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods /

City of Austin, Texas web site

City of Austin Library has e-books, movies, music, TV shows and more on that are available for checkout to anyone with an active library card. For details on registering and more, visit

Austin Water – information on water conservation, current water restrictions and more.

Austin Resource Recovery (formerly Solid Waste Services) – recycling and much more information.
Questions on exactly what can be recycled?

Grow Green Austin – gardening education program promoting sustainable landscaping practices. It addresses water quality and conservation, recycling, and an Integrated Pest Management philosophy, which encourages the least-toxic way to address pest issues. Visit the site to see upcoming classes and events.

City Web Maps – development/drainage/floodplain, art in public places, downtown

Find a local small business at

Other City pages helpful to homeowners/renters

Conservation tips for swimming pools

Help keep your drains clear – don’t pour fats and grease down the drain

Homeowner water conservation – Irrigation rebate request

Open City Government – data – a wide variety of information, from Unclaimed Property, Restaurant InspectionsMunicipal Court Violation Location,

Metro Rail

schedule for light rail and other information


Get a reminder email about composting/recycling/trash the day before collection:

For info on what to do with items you don’t need (trash / recycle / compost), visit

Health Assistance for teens and adults

Addiction Resource – raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps young adults stay drug-free

HealthCorps promotes healthy living among teens

Drug and alcohol treatment information, options and centers for teens and adults

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