Newsletter ads

All 625 homes in Northwood get the bimonthly Northwood Newsletter.  Newsletters are produced and delivered by volunteer residents.

To submit ads or articles, email the editor at The preferred electronic format for ads are JPG, PDF or PNG. Paper ads are also accepted. Color ads are acceptable; however due to the cost of printing colors, newsletters are only printed in black and white (or grayscale).

The newsletter is published bimonthly (Jan/Feb, March/April and so on). Ads are due no later than the 15th of January, March, May, July and November and no later than the 8th of September. It takes approximately 2 weeks from the due date for most neighbors to receive their newsletter (a number of people are involved; aside from the printer, all are neighbors who volunteer to product and deliver the newsletters to nearly 30 blocks of homes).

Ad rates:

Business card   $15
1/4 page           $35
1/2 page           $60
Full page            $85

Pay for ads through PayPal below or mail a check payable to Northwood Neighborhood Association to 6001 W. Parmer Suite 370-314, Austin, TX 78727. Email for details if mailing a check or for any questions regarding ads.

Business card- $15
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1/4 page – $35
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1/2 page – $60
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full page – $85
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