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Four and five story apartments have been planned for the undeveloped land on Oak Creek between Pegasus back yards and Walnut Creek; the developer has obtained a zoning view of bldg 3 frontchange to MF-4 (MultiFamily 4) with a conditional overlay that limits the number of units to 90; currently the developer plans a 3, 4, and 5 story building. They are requesting Housing Tax Credits to help pay for some of the construction and future costs so they can offer reduced rents (“affordable housing”).

We expect that we will need to engage the services of an attorney and/or environmental professional. We have created a Legal and Research Fund to pay for their services.

Please donate to the fund to help oppose the rezoning. Years ago the neighborhood worked with the former land owner to create the current zoning, which allows more appropriate uses for this land.

Note:  these donations are NOT tax deductible.

How to donate?

Either write a check payable to Northwood Neighborhood Legal & Research Fund and mail it to Nancy Grijalva, Treasurer, at 4507 Tamarack Trail, 78727 OR use the PayPal Donate button. PayPal accepts most major credit cards. Legal and professional environmental consulting services are not cheap; please donate whatever you can. We greatly appreciate all (non tax deductible) donations.

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donate to the Northwood Legal & Research fund