Oak Wilt treatment assistance

Why may the Neighborhood Association help neighbors pay to treat oak wilt? Oak wilt can easily become a community issue as the fungus travels through the intertwined root systems of nearby oak trees and doesn’t respect property lines. Treating one infected oak tree may save that tree but doesn’t stop the fungus from traveling to another tree; only trenching to break the connecting roots will do that, and trenching is expensive.

For eligible residents, the Association may pay half of the cost of treatment, up to $500.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Homeowner must be current on dues and any other obligations with the neighborhood association (NNA)
  • Homeowner must use treatment specialist selected by the NNA
  • Homeowner must pay his/her portion in full at the time services are rendered
  • Homeowner must agree in writing to all requirements, including cost-sharing provision

If a homeowner has not paid the current year’s dues, the Board can consider allowing a homeowner to become current and therefore eligible for the program if the homeowner has been mostly compliant dating back to 2005, the year the program was adopted.