About NNA

Northwood Neighborhood Association (NNA) is NOT a Home Owner’s Association (HOA). HOAs require mandatory membership, charge dues in the hundreds of dollars a year, and have deed enforcement powers. Northwood Neighborhood Association has low dues of $20 a year which helps pay for the newsletter, neighborhood activities, website, membership in the Austin Neighborhood Council and keep residents informed of relevant things going on in the neighborhood.

Current officers:

President              Leanna Lang    Northwoodpresident@gmail.com
Vice President    Jeanie Beckham  Northwoodvicepresident@gmail.com
Secretary              Donna Blumberg   NorthwoodSecretary@gmail.com
Treasurer               vacant    NorthwoodTreasurer@gmail.com

Newsletters/        Donna Blumberg   Northwoodna@gmail.com

Meetings are open to all residents and are announced on NextDoor