Land Development Code update from Council Member Pool

The following is an update of the LDC process copied from an email received Nov. 25, 2019 from Council Member Pool’s office

We are nearing the dates for the public hearing and the first vote at council on the Land Development Code (LDC) revision. My staff and I have been visiting with many of you at your neighborhood meetings and in small gatherings, reading your emails, and taking your phone calls. I am listening to your important concerns, and focusing my efforts on making improvements to the proposed code and maps.

I know many of you are worried about the new “transition zones” that have been mapped in your neighborhoods that are designed to increase the number of dwelling units allowed on lots that are currently single family. Many of you are asking about the potential of increased property valuations on your homes. I’m hearing your concerns that the new code may relax current and hard-won environmental and tree regulations, and your worries that the rewrite could add more impervious cover in neighborhoods with existing local area flooding. I share these concerns and my staff and I continue diligently to surface these legitimate worries with city staff so they recognize the impacts and we can work together to mitigate them.

My staff and I have been collecting the many questions you’ve asked, whether in person at our town hall or by phone or email. We have posted many of the questions that you have asked and the code rewrite team have now answered many of them. Please visit the Council Q&A portal to the questions and the answers that city planning staff have posted. Not all of the questions have been answered yet, but staff are working diligently to get those responses posted.

Right after the Thanksgiving holiday, you’ll have a number of opportunities to watch council discussion on the code revision. Two key dates for your calendar are the public hearing on Saturday, Dec 7, and the council meeting on Dec 9 when the council is scheduled to take its first reading vote. The LDC is an ordinance, which requires three readings at council before approval.

LDC Timeline and Events
Austin City Council LDC Work Session: Tuesday, December 3, 1pm
Austin City Council LDC Work Session: Wednesday, December 4, 12-4pm
Austin City Council Public Hearing: Saturday, December 7, 10 am
Austin City Council LDC First Reading Vote: Monday, December 9, 10am

The December 7 public hearing , is the opportunity for the community to voice their opinion on the draft code and maps to council. Sign up ahead of time to ensure your name will be on the list of speakers. You can find more information on how to sign up here.

The December 9 council meeting will be the final LDC discussion of the year. At this time I expect the item will be brought back to council in late January or early February. You can watch meetings live on ATXN or from the city’s archive.

LDC Resource Link
Here is our LDC Resources table listing important planning, transportation, housing, and environmental documents that helped to inform city planning staff on the LDC revision draft.

My staff has been reaching out to District 7 neighborhood leaders for several months now to engage in discussions on the LDC revision, and we will continue to do so through this process. Please email my policy advisor with your questions, or with invitations to join your neighborhood group for discussion.

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