Protest your home’s rezoning under the Land Development code by Dec 5

The currently proposed Land Development Code  ( will rezone all single family homes to allow for multiple residences. If you disagree with this and want to keep your single family zoning, protest the rezoning at  

This site and project was created by Community Not Commodity, here’s information from that site: YOU HAVE THE POWER TO FIGHT BACK!

Texas law gives you the right to protest zoning changes affecting your property and properties near your residence. When you file a rezoning protest in connection with your property, the City of Austin cannot rezone your property without approval by three-fourths of the city council.

The same is true when neighbors band together to protest the rezoning of property they do not own. When the owners of at least 20 percent of the area within 200 feet of a property protest the rezoning of that property jointly, the City of Austin cannot move forward without approval by three-fourths of the city council.

Filing a rezoning protest is fast and easy! Just fill out the form at, and Community Not Commodity will send your rezoning protest to the City of Austin. Click here if you prefer to file a protest by mail. Once you protest the rezoning of a piece of property, our legal team believes local officials will be unable to rezone it without a vote of three-fourths of the city council. To protect your property from this year’s rezoning, make sure to file your rezoning protest as soon as possible, but no later than December 5, 2019.

More information from a related NextDoor post

Upon researching, along with legal advisers, avenues to protect your rights to have a voice in and some control over a rezoning of your property when that was not requested by you, it appears state law MAY be on your side (and mine). State law provides a citizen the right to protest an unwanted zoning change when there is a lack of direct notification of the intended change (the City of Austin has no plans to notify the tens of thousands of homeowners targeted for rezoning). In addition, once filed the protest would require a 2/3rds majority of the Council to vote to approve the zoning over an objection (protest) properly filed. Let me be clear here – there is no case law setting a precedent in a situation like the one Austinites are facing with the manner in which the Land Development Code rewrite is being pursued by city staff and Council. Legal research continues on just how to ensure the protections provided by State law would be available to homeowners in Austin. HAVING SAID ALL OF THE ABOVE – The link will provide you a very simple and quick means by which to file your protest. Will filing a protest ultimately offer you the protections of State law, I don’t know. BUT, you have nothing to lose by filing the protest form and MAY forfeit the right to protest if you don’t. Get on record with the protest form and as a secondary objective (if only to let City Hall know you’re serious) send Council and city staff “a message.”

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