Balcones Park Project Community Input Meetings

Join us at…
A Community Input Meeting for

Dates & Times:
Saturday**, Aug. 13th at 9:30am
Tuesday, Aug. 16th at 7:30pm

Milwood Baptist Church
(Corner of Cassady & Cabana)

About the Project:
Balcones Park has been awarded $200,000 in NPP & APF grants and an additional estimated $300,000 in city funds to make the following improvements to Balcones Park within the next two years.
– Add shade to the pool
– Install a pavilion
– Install a new, larger playground

Due to the large scope of the projects and funding, the city requires a park concept plan with community input before implementing these improvements. We have been very fortunate to have 3 landscape designers, Neal Charles, Kim Gilbertson, and Kristy Street, willing to donate their time to create a concept plan for the park which allows the project to move forward full-steam ahead after we acquire solid feedback from stakeholders, like yourselves.

Community Input:
Community input is imperative in this process! We need your ideas! Please come participate, share your ideas, and help shape our wonderful park. Your input is necessary for creating a long-term vision for our park as well as for solidifying the details of the three large improvements listed above.

RSVP at: or 512-636-9176

** Supervised play will be available for children over the age of three at the church’s gated playground for theAugust 13th meeting. Children are welcome at the meeting as well. Please RSVP above if you plan to have a child attend that needs supervision so we can be certain we can accommodate you.

If you can’t make one of the face-to-face meetings, we hope to have an online survey posted shortly so send us an email at BALCONESPARK@GMAIL.COM to make sure you are on the email list.

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