Apartments rezoning postponed!


First, A BIG THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for your continued support!

As most of you may have heard or read the neighborhood’s rezoning case has been postponed. As it was explained it has been postponed for 180 days. This basically means the applicant can withdraw or the staff can request another postponement. Additional action will be required by the applicant to withdraw the request. There was not a specific date given to rehear the case; they will have to notify us when and if the case is rescheduled.

We are fortunate to have a handful of board members and neighbors that have spent long hours of research, attending meetings, making phone calls and gathering all the information needed to present the neighborhood’s position and to keep the current non-residential zoning in place.

At the August 4 Council meeting the question to be answered was whether or not the zoning case should be postponed. Our responses to the questions asked were limited to only the postponement request. Yes it would have been better if they would have withdrawn, but that did not happen. So for the next few weeks/months we will be in contact with city staff and City Council members regarding the zoning case and other relevant related issues. The Neighborhood Association officers and involved neighbors will be monitoring it closely and will report any and all concerns that may develop as well as keep you abreast of any future actions that may be required.

We know that you may have questions and concerns about this past week’s meeting with the City Council, and we are more than willing to answer any concerns/ comments or questions you may have.

Now we must wait to see what the developer plans to do. We all want answers but at this time we have no way of determining what they will do. So we ask for your patience and please let us know your concerns. As promised we will keep you updated on any new developments.

Please be sure to keep watching for any new information or updates!

Recording of the August 4 hearing (we are item #70)

Statement from State Representative Celia Israel explaining her stand on affordable housing, released 8/8/16 (PDF) We are deeply grateful to Representative Israel for her decision to remain neutral regarding the housing tax credits in this case.

Original Information

We just received word: the rezoning of the apartments has been postponed for (at least) 180 days. Elysium postponement letter from the project manager (PDF).

Why did they take this step? This project was intended to build “affordable housing” apartments using 9% Housing Tax Credits from the Texas Department of Community Affairs.  These tax credits are extremely competitive; this project was not funded and is not on the wait list (see the July 28 spreadsheets listed on the TDHCA page).

Although they have not withdrawn the rezoning case  – the applicant will need to take additional action to withdraw the request – they have postponed indefinitely. This  postponement is valid for 180 days, at which time the applicant can withdraw or staff can request another postponement.  As of this writing (8/3/16) this case can potentially be reactivated with little notice. We will continue monitoring this.


As of this writing (Aug. 3) the case is scheduled to be heard at the August 4 City Council meeting; the officers and workgroup members will attend in case there are any questions. There is NO need for the neighborhood to attend.

Many thanks to everyone who has worked to oppose this case! And cross fingers and toes that the applicant does withdraw the rezoning request.

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