City Council Rezoning First Reading – August 4 – everyone attend!


meeting recording  (item 70)

Statement from State Representative Celia Israel explaining her stand on affordable housing, released 8/8/16 (PDF)

Original information

On August 4, 2016 the Elysium Park rezoning case will be on the City Council agenda for the first of two times. Council will hear comments from the developer and public about the rezoning of the 7+ undeveloped acres on Oak Creek Drive to MF-4 so that apartments can be built then they will vote. If (as expected) a majority vote for the rezoning, it will continue to the second and third readings, which  will be held on August 11.

On August 4 our case C14-2016-0023.SH Elysium Park will be on the City Council agenda at or after 4:00 PM. We need EVERYONE to be at City Hall, 301 W. 2nd Street (map) to show support for our opposition (the underground garage opening is on the west side on Guadalupe; if driving, get your parking ticket validated to park for free).

We’ve requested a “time certain” of 4 PM so that is the earliest our case will be heard. However, it may be much later – there is no way to predict the exact time our case will be heard.

Agenda for August 4 – draft Elysium Park rezoning ordinance (PDF, 3 pgs)

Sign up to speak & donate your time

We need help at the 8/4 hearing – our speakers will need more than the allotted 3 minutes per person. We need others to sign up to speak and then donate their time to our planned speakers. The catch: the person donating time must be present to acknowledge they are donating their time when the speaker walks to the podium. Our case could be at 4:00 or much later (even very late, as happened at the Zoning & Platting hearing). There is no way to predict when our case will be called.

To be sure our speakers get slots, we are signing up on Monday August 1 at noon.

If you are willing to attend and donate time to our speakers, please email your first and last name, address, phone and email address to and cc no later than Sunday July 31.

Contact Council Member Pool before August 4!

Email or call Council Member Pool and the City’s project manager (details here)

Be at City Hall on Aug. 4 from 4 PM until ?

Our Neighborhood Association officers, zoning committee chair and several others plan to speak at the August 4 meeting. We need everyone to attend to show our support and to donate time! Each speaker is limited to 3 minutes unless another person who is present has signed up to speak and donate their time. An important detail: the person who is donating time must be present when we speak… no matter how late it is. 

Your presence is important even if you are not speaking or donating time. We will all wear tree name tags and, when asked by one of our speakers, everyone will stand to show support against the apartments. Council members DO take note of how many citizens attend the hearings.

Carpooling available

We are arranging carpooling: if you need a ride or are leaving from Northwood and can carry passengers, please contact Lynn, 512.341-8989.

MF-4 rezoning application not dependent on this project!

The 80-90 Elysium Park apartments are planned to include reduced rents, aka affordable housing units, thus they have requested 9% Housing Tax Credits (HTCs) from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. This is very competitive and there is no guarantee that the Elysium Park project will get the HTCs. Their project manager has stated that if they do not get the HTCs they will withdraw the project. But that does NOT mean the rezoning application is withdrawn.

Even if the Elysium Park project is canceled, the rezoning to MF-4 continues unless the requestor cancels it. Thus, if the City Council votes for this MF-4 rezoning, another developer could build several hundred market rate rent apartments – as many as the site will handle – on this land.

August 11 – the deciding vote / valid petition

The first reading and vote is on August 4; the public can speak for and against the rezoning.

During the August 11 meeting the second and third readings and votes are scheduled. The third reading’s vote decides the results. We need to attend to show our support. The good news… we have a “valid petition” (at least 20% of property owners within 200 ft of the tract signed a petition against the rezoning). At the third reading, because of the valid petition we only need 3 Council members to vote against it to stop the rezoning.

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