Contact Council Member re apartments rezoning

The first hearing / reading of case C14-2016-0023.SH Elysium Park, which proposes to rezone the undeveloped 7+ acres at 3300 Oak Creek Drive, located between the Pegasus Drive back yards and Walnut Creek/ MoPac Self Storage, is scheduled for August 4, 2016. Details on the hearing.

Contact City Council

AT LEAST once between now and the August 4 Council meeting, please call AND email our City Council Member Leslie Pool,, 512.978-2107.

Please also send ONE email to these Council members (emails addresses below).

In all emails cc the Zoning Project Manager Sherri Sirwaitis,  and so we can track the emails.

Email addresses

Please contact our Council Member Leslie Pool at least once now AND again between August 1-4.; see below for the recommended subject line and other details.

Contact these Council Members once:,,


Email and phoning details

When emailing, include “opposed to C14-2016-0023.SH Elysium Park” as the subject. CC the Project Manager so your email is in the packet all Council Members receive and CC so we can track the emails.

Call Leslie Pool at 512.978-2107; if leaving a message include your name, that you live in (or near) Northwood and oppose the Elysium Park apartments at the start of your message, then add any details you wish.

When emailing or calling state that you are opposed to the rezoning and give reasons for your opposition. Focus on issues such as

  • increased risk of flooding – Oak Creek Drive it has been flooded twice recently and there was even a water rescue. The additional impervious cover of the apartments will increase the risk of flooding nearby and downstream by homes already in the flood plain
  • safety
    • reaching any business such as grocery, restaurant or bus stop on foot requires walking along an unprotected sidewalk next to the high speed frontage road traffic and crossing unprotected right turn lanes.
    • the location is close to railroad tracks; vehicles that want to turn onto Oak Creek Drive must often stop on the frontage road while waiting for the train to pass; adding more residents will only increase this danger.




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