Traffic concerns with planned apartments?

The City Zoning staff is reviewing the zoning application for the apartments on Oak Creek, this includes doing a traffic study. The Northwood apartments working group (officers and some of the involved neighbors) met with the city staff; the project manager Sherri Sirwaitis, stated that people could email her with information about the case, including about traffic.  All letters and emailed comments become part of the public record for this case and are included in the packet that is given to the City Council members.

If you have concerns about the additional traffic, email Sherri Sirwaitis, Describe your experiences with traffic and concerns with both current traffic and the expected increase in traffic in and near our neighborhoods (Northwood, Preston Oaks, McNeil Estates and The Reserve at Northwood). Keep in mind that City staff may not be familiar with this area, the volume of traffic and the speeds at which vehicles often travel on the frontage road and Parmer – the streets that we must travel upon leaving the neighborhood.

If you email Ms. Sirwaitis, please include the following:

  • Subject: Rezoning C14-2016-0023.SH Elysium Park traffic concerns
  • Cc
  • Stay focused on traffic, including entering and exiting the neighborhoods and getting past the Parmer/MoPac intersection, and going west on Parmer or returning from west of Preston Oaks on Parmer.

If you have photos or video of traffic, please email them to

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