Tell TDHCA you are opposed to the apartment tax credits

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs manages the Housing Tax Credits application process and the awards. We are asking everyone to email the Multifamily Finance Division Director and the Competitive Housing Tax Credit Administrator to express their opposition.

The Finance Director is Marni Holloway,;   the Competitive Housing Tax Credit Administrator is Sharon Gamble,

We are tracking the number of emails; please  notify – either cc that address  when you send the email to Ms. Holloway or send a separate email.

When writing the mail, please include the following:

  1. Use the subject line “Opposition to Elysium Park, application number 16161.”
  2. Include your home address.
  3.  Let them know you are against the proposed housing development Elysium Park, application number 16161 at 3300 Oak Creek Dr in Austin, TX.  Let them know the site is not appropriate for apartments; include as much detail as you wish. Ask them to not grant the tax credits to this project.

Details you may want to mention include:  the location is unsuitable because of possible increases in flooding nearby and downstream, this part of Austin geology sits on limestone and karst which often has caves and underground voids; this geology would not be suitable for heavy multi story buildings. Additionally, there are only 2 usable streets to enter and exit this area; apartments would add more traffic to the nearly 860 homes that already use these two streets.

Public hearing April 12

The TDHCA is holding a public hearing about housing tax credit applications  in this area on April 12 at 6 PM. (letter with details – PDF). Please plan to attend to show support against the housing tax credits.

April 12 at 6:00 p.m.
William B. Travis Building 1-104, 1701 N. Congress

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