Feb. 24 meeting re planned Oak Creek apartments

Meeting summary / link to video

video of meeting

The meeting the developers arranged to describe the apartments project (described below) was very well attended. The developer planned for 100 attendees; an estimated 130 people attended. Most live in Northwood; others were from Preston Oaks, McNeil Estates, Hidden Estates, Milwood and other neighborhoods.

Both the developer and Northwood Neighborhood Association distributed information sheets at the meeting.  Developer info sheet (PDF)Northwood info sheet (PDF)

The meeting began with the developer giving a presentation describing the project; the rest of the meeting was devoted to answering question and quickly became a lively meeting. The 2 hour meeting was recorded and is on YouTube. Unfortunately this recording began after the introduction, when the speaker said “I know you are against affordable housing” and many people started shouting “No!”. Someone called out “don’t presume to know why we are here. We are against apartments, not affordability”. The speaker acknowledged that point.

Representatives from District Council 7 Member Leslie Pool and State Representative Celia Israel attended. Council Member Pool’s representative had a signup sheet for people who wish to receive their updates and sent an email to attendees the next day.

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Next Steps

During the meeting the developer indicated they would be working on a rezoning request and submitting it to the City soon. Northwood and others are also working  to keep the current zoning.

Original article’s information

A company that builds apartments is planning to build up to 120 apartments on Oak Creek between the backyards of Pegasus and the frontage road (behind the MoPac Storage and creek).  A number of these units will have reduced rents. The developer has reserved the ballroom at Abel’s North , 4001 W. Parmer Lane, from 6:00-7:30 PM on Feb. 24 for a presentation on their plans for their development, Elysium Park. Their presentation will be followed by a question and answer session.

As we understand it, the developer has invited all neighbors to attend; we have been informed that representatives from District 7 City Council Member Pool’s office and State Representative Israel’s office will also be attending. The City Council has already voted to support the affordable housing tax credits the developer is requesting; we understand that Representative Israel has not yet made a final decision on this issue.
Housing Tax Credit FAQs Competitive Housing Tax Credits

Attending the meeting does NOT indicate a show of support for the project. It is simply a way to listen to the developer’s presentation and ask questions.

This earlier post has details about the project, including the plans available on the City’s web site.


1 thought on “Feb. 24 meeting re planned Oak Creek apartments

  1. It truly disappointing that the developer came to this meeting, organized by THEM, so unprepared! …they FAILED to do their due diligence on so many topics, such as a traffic impact or an environmental analysis, that could potentially and adversely affect this community! !!….it was supposed to be an informative meeting. ….all the developer provide us were numbers taken out of manuals and assumptions! !!


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