July 4 Parade / keep pets safe during fireworks

Decorate bikes and bring flags to the Northwood July 4 parade! We’ll meet at Oak Creek Drive and Oak Creek Cove (just west of Timberside, map) at 10.00, then parade down Oak Creek to Manhasset.

Updated – neighbor Mary Ann has offered to provide refreshments and lawn chairs in their front yard on Poquoson, so the parade route has been extended: continue from Manhasset left onto Tamarack then turn right on to Poquoson, ending at their house.

There we will enjoy some refreshments. All are invited to parade and/or meet on Manhasset to visit with neighbors.

Keep your pets safe during fireworks

After the parade, be sure pets are inside before the fireworks begin. Often they think the noise is from a thunderstorm, panic and may try to escape the noise by running away outside if given a chance. Be sure they are either chipped (with current contact information) or are wearing a collar with an ID tag.  Try to have your pet exercise enough before the fireworks so they are too tired to run away. Here are some other tips to keep them safe.

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