Milwood Library closing / pocket library

Per Milwood’s web site,  the Milwood Library will be closed from Feb 1 through Dec 2015 for renovations. An interim “pocket library” will be offered in the Milwood Library meeting room starting on March 16, while construction is in progress throughout the rest of the building. From Feb 1 to March 16 nearby libraries will need to be used, as it will take some time to set-up the “pocket library”.

The Milwood Library page includes the schedule, and a link to the Nov. 2014 presentation, which has floor plan and other details. Check this page periodically for updates.

Expected Hours* for the “Pocket Library”:
Mon-Thurs: 1-7 pm
Friday: 1-6 pm
Saturday: 10-5 pm
Sunday: Closed

Expected Services*:
Children’s Collection (approx.14 – 42”H range)
Area for Holds/Reserves pick up.
Card Catalog Computer for reserving materials
External Book Drop open 24Hrs
Self-service checkout of books

The “Pocket Library” will close in July or August, at which point residents will need to go to a neighboring library until the renovations are complete.

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