Milwood Library Renovation

The Milwood Library was scheduled to close in November 2014 for extensive renovations. After a standing room only meeting on Oct. 15 where the community learned details about the renovation plans and expressed their concerns about the lengthy closure,  the closing date is being rescheduled.

Read a detailed report on the Milwood web site

Milwood Library closing presentation 2014 10 16

Here’s a post from Javier Bonafort, a member of NextDoor who lives in Walnut Crossing, copied here for folks who are not yet members of NextDoor (and please consider joining!)

Hello Neighbors,

As you may have heard, we got a reprieve from the immediate closing of the Milwood Library last night. Staff has decided to have some meetings with the community to address some concerns, particularly about the 13 month timeline for the renovations.

One option we could pursue is a small temporary building or space near the current building where 3 key functions could continue to occur:

1. Pickup Holds and Requests
2. Return books
3. Maintain a small childrens collection and reading area.

Something like a doublewide trailer / temporary classroom might be perfect, or a space in one of the local businesses, schools, churches. The problem is that the Library does not think it has enough money to provide a temporary building during the renovations. Hence my outreach.

I’m posting here to cast a wide net, to see if anyone has contacts or information that can lead to someone donating or sponsoring a temporary structure or room for about 12 months. If someone donates a doublewide,  we would also be looking for someone to move it, and some place to put it.

Some obvious places for support would be:
– AISD: they may have a stock of unused classrooms somewhere, and they have an interest in Summit kids having a local place to go over the summer to read. They could also maybe donate the use of the corner of Amherst/Cassady as a place to position a trailer.
– Apple Computer is moving families into the area for the new campus, it would be good PR as well as being a good corporate neighbor if they helped here.
– Other local corporate / business sponsors or charities.
– the local churches/private schools
– perhaps there is unused space in some other commercial building that could use a donation tax write-off.

What else? who has some ideas?
If you have anything to add, suggest, or leads to give, I can follow up with letters or phone calls. Please email me at ! Thanks!


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