Sign up for Google Fiberhood in 2014 (?)

The director of Austin’s Google fiberhood posted some information about how to get to or near the top of the list for the blazing fast fiber optics internet connections that Google is installing in Austin. Google has been installing the backbone of the fiber optic networks and the substation “cabinets”; the final step next year will be installing the final mile or so of cable to each subscriber’s address.

We – Austinites – choose which homes and neighborhoods receive the fiber by signing up. Next year the fiberhood boundaries will be available online, along with their signup goals and how close they are to reaching them.

  • The important point: the signup period only lasts a few weeks. If a fiberhood misses their target, Google will move on to another part of the city; there’s no way to know when they will return to fiberhood.

There are several ways to learn via email when the signup period for Northwood period is active.

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