Future St. Anglican Church on Oak Creek

In late 2013 the City of Austin received an application for a church (St. Francis Anglican Church) to be located at 3301 Oak Creek, just west of the office building. The tract is zoned SF-6 and was previously proposed to be developed as townhomes. As of September 2014, the lot has been graded; they hope that construction will begin soon.

The church project is a proposed 10,000 SF religious use building with associated parking lot and drives, utilities, landscaping and water quality/detention improvements. The Association President spoke to Michael Simmons-Smith, Case Manager with the City, and he informed her that churches (religious assembly) can be included in any zoning category, including SF-6, so this will not require a rezoning case.
If the site plan meets city regulations, they will issue a permit and there is no rezoning or hearing necessary. If the project needs any kind of variance, it could trigger a hearing.  As it stands right now, the project can be approved without adjacent neighbor or neighborhood input. The project is proposed to have driveway access on Oak Creek.
Notices are being mailed to nearby property owners, and our neighborhood association received a notice today (Oct. 17, 2013). As we learn of any significant developments, we will post updates to this web site, the Northwood Facebook page and our Nextdoor site.